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Founded in 2019 and registered in Singapore, ZPLAT is dedicated to develop into a leader in the global real estate marketplace in 195 countries. We are on a mission to provide a transaction process based on trust, efficiency and expertise to help buyers and agents execute transactions with greater transparency and lower risk.   As such, our large data pools and technological tools allow all stakeholders to access unique insights through our integrated platform.

ZPLAT INTERNATIONAL is a new global real estate venture to be launched by the Zillenium Group. Our aim is to be a leader in the global real estate marketplace in 195 countries and to become the largest property database. With the increasing demand for real estate services across the globe, our strategy will be based on our deep experience in the real estate sector whilst leveraging the experience of our key network partners.

Our current strategic vision has the following principles of our current model:


Establishing a presence in each market ahead of undergoing significant investment simultaneously in a bigbang-like strategy


Leveraging the strength of our ecosystem


Strong central support


High value branding underpinned by trust


Robust technology


Strong agent network

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