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Zplat service

ZPLAT INTERNATIONAL is a new global real estate venture to be launched by the Zillenium Group. Our aim is to be a leader global real estate market place in 195 countries and to become the largest property database.

With increasing demand for real estate services across the globe, our strategy will be based on our deep experience in the real estate sector whilst leveraging the experience of our key network partners.

We are currently engaged in identifying new innovative real estate opportunities across the globlal market that will significantly create values to a variety of stakeholders. As such, we are currently and actively seeking young professionals who have an appetite for global adventure, to integrate and consolidate our global project team.

We have 20 key positions available, to develop and assess languages and cultures of 195 countries.

Interested and committed candidates may send their profile and motivation letter to [email protected],  before the 31st of March 2022. Only short-listed talents will be called upon for a first interview.