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Global multilingual ambassadors

What is Global Multilingual Ambassador?

This is a 6-month ambassadorship and research part-time program for the young and potential youth in Cambodia who are keen in working and learning about the global real estate market.

Program Benefits

Job Summary

The Multilingual Ambassador is responsible for conducting qualitative and quantitative research on real estate market in the assigned region/country in market dynamics from the macro-economy, micro-economy, local real estate market, key players, technology & infrastructure, geographic advantages etc.

Step 1
Program Orientation & Office Tour
Step 1
Step 2
Training Program
Get training in basic research methodology & project framework
Step 2
Step 3
Business Attachment
Attach with C21 Zillion Holding to learn about real estate business & its operation
Step 3
Step 4
Research & Development
Conduct the research on the real estate market-based on assigned region
Step 4
Step 5
Performance Evaluation
Performance review & evaluation from the project director
Step 5
Step 6
Graduation & Job Offer
Certificate of Recognition & the full-time job offer from Z1 Group.
Step 6

Job Description

  • Work closely with the research team and advisory firm to define the research goals, objectives, and methodology
    Conduct the research, collect the data, analyze, and assess the research and outcomes.
  • Test, modify, and implement new methodologies and procedures, as well as replicating, analyzing, and improving research strategies and approaches and recommending changes.
  • Responding to research queries, troubleshooting issues, monitoring ongoing projects, suggesting and implementing improvements
  • Present the research findings and convey the research results into reports
  • Become the country ambassador

Job Requirement

  • No experience required

  • Possess one or multiple languages is required (Chinese, French, Spanish, Hindi, Indonesian, German, Arabic, or any other)

  • Down-to-earth, Energetic, Curious, Self-motivated, Detail-oriented, & Independent

  • A long term self-determined to learn and grow

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